Other Journeys

July: Canadian Rockies. Take the train across this spectacular landscape; immerse yourself in the spirit of this great land. See Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper, and absorb the meaning of ancient totem poles in the archeological museum in Vancouver.

September: Cape Cod Retreat Come after the crowds have left and enjoy the quiet time, the subtle colors, and the magnificence of the National Seashore beaches and paths. Hike the dunes in P-town; buy Spices at Atlantic Spice, taste wine in the Truro vineyard.

October: Guatemala for the Day of the Dead. Land of mountains and textiles and Mayan ruins, Guatemala is a step back in time. Villagers are still known by the weave and color of their garments and their crafts are sold at Chichicastanago, the largest outdoor market in No. America.

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